Ghost Master Walkthroughs & Guide

GhostMaster Pc

Welcome to our Ghost Master Walkthrough - Game Guide. Here you will find a detailed walkthrough of the Ghost Master Game, built while playing Ghost Master Pc. Our walkthrough also includes the Epilogue Assignment Class Of Spook 'Em High. As a bonus you'll find we've also put together a complete Ghost Guide - Haunter List that details all of the powers available to your haunters and their purchase prices!

In-depth guide to Ghost Master, including walkthroughs, haunter details, and video walkthroughs.

Our comprehensive Ghost Master Walkthrough will take you through every assignment in the game, freeing all the restless spirits and discovering all the hidden spirits along the way.

We also cover revisits and additional haunter powers to get a triple Jack-O-Lantern Ghost Master scare rating.

Complete walkthroughs for the entire Ghost Master Game along with numerous video walkthroughs.

Our comprehensive Ghost Master Ghost Guide includes a complete list of the haunters found in the game, along with their powers and the cost associated with purchasing each power.

This list of haunters and their powers will help you decide which haunter and power combinations will work best for your style of play.

Detailed list of the haunters available in Ghost Master.