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Haunting 101 is the first assignment in the Ghost Master game. This walkthrough will guide you through the assignment, explaining how to free the restless spirit Weatherwitch, while helping you get a Triple Jack-O-Lantern scare rating. Time affects your Ghost Master scare rating, so you want to get through the walkthrough as fast as you can.

Detailed walkthrough for the Haunting 101 assignment from Ghost Master.

Recommended Haunters:


This is the recommended haunter team for the Ghost Master assignment Haunting 101. Haunters include Cogjammer, Clatterclaws, Boo, and Shivers.

Important Locations:

The first thing to look at in our walkthrough is the layout of Haunting 101, including the important locations.

As shown in screenshot 1, there is someone sleeping in a bedroom on the top floor. This person won't be a part of our scare festival unless we wake her up. That will be our first stop.

Now take a look at screenshots 2 and 3. They show the location of Weatherwitch, the only restless spirit in the Haunting 101 assignment, and where you'll need to go to bind Cogjammer when it's time to free her.

This shows where the person is sleeping on the second floor. For a top Ghost Master scare rating you need to wake this person up as soon as you can. Otherwise, you will have trouble finishing the Haunting 101 assignment in a timely fashion.

This is where Weatherwitch is stuck in the Ghost Master Haunting 101 assignment. The only way to free her is by destroying the vacuum cleaner that has her trapped.

You need to bind Cogjammer to the radio sitting on the shelf above the vaccum cleaner. Then use his Wild and Crazy power. This will free Weatherwitch.

Hit the top floor with Clatterclaws first

Start by waking the woman sleeping in the bedroom on the top floor, shown in the bottom right corner of the picture on the right. Drop in Clatterclaws and use Swarm Strike.

Don't bother doing anything else up here yet. Too much action will draw people here and give you a house with people scattered everywhere.

The fastest way to wake up the person sleeping on the second floor is to have Clatterclaws use Swarm Strike in the room.

Next, free Weatherwitch with Cogjammer

Continue by heading straight for the first floor and binding Cogjammer to the boom box in the hall outside the bathroom door. This is in the top left corner of the house. Have him use his Wild & Crazy power and Weatherwitch will be free. Remember to keep moving through the walkthrough as fast as you can.

By binding Cogjammer to the radio and using his Wild and Crazy power, you will be able to destroy the vaccum cleaner that has Weatherwitch trapped.

Now light up the living room with Boo and Shivers

The next step is to Bind Boo in the living room on the first floor and have him use his Kinesis power. You'll also want to have Shivers bound to the rug in the same room. Crank up his powers as high as they will go.

You should also check to see if Clatterclaws is sitting around doing nothing upstairs and bring him into the action.

By binding Cogjammer to the radio and using his Wild and Crazy power, you will be able to destroy the vaccum cleaner that has Weatherwitch trapped.

Haunting 101 Wrap-Up

Most of the action will take place on the main floor if you are lucky. The mortals will flee the house frequently as things heat up. They'll return by passing through the living room and back thoroughfare.

Check the basement and the top floor. Use Clatterclaws to take care of wandering mortals.

Crank up Shivers to use his TK Storm power ASAP. This will really help to drive them out of the house fast. You can also use Cogjammer to help with the mortals that wander off.

Haunting 101: Revisits

When revisiting the assignment Haunting 101 you can take your original haunters. By following the walkthrough above you should be able to get a Triple Jack-O-Lantern Ghost Master scare rating.

To improve your Ghost Master scare rating for this assignment, make the following adjustments to the hanters recommended above. Purchase Legion for Clatterclaws and Surge for Cogjammer.

Use Swarm Strike to wake the sleeper on the main floor. Free Weatherwitch with Wild & Crazy. Then to slam dunk the Triple Jacks, simply add Surge and Legion to the main floor scare festival.

We finish the walkthrough in just under 3.5 minutes on revisits vs. 4.5 minutes on the first run-through.

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We hope that this Haunting 101 Walkthrough has helped you, and we hope that you enjoy your time as a Ghost Master!