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The Blair Wisp Project assignment is a lot of fun when you know the tricks. This is a tricky assignment, so read the whole thing first!

This Blair Wisp Project Walkthrough will take you through the entire assignment as well as revisits.

Detailed walkthrough for the Ghost Master assignment The Blair Wisp Project.

Recommended Haunters:

Maxine Factor
Blue Murder

List of recommended haunters for the Ghost Master assignment The Blair Wisp Project. Haunters include Whisperwind, Stonewall, Firetail, Terroreyes, Maxine Factor, Blue Murder, Harriet, and Fingers.

Important Locations:

The first thing to look at in our walkthrough is the layout of the assignment, including the important locations.

The campfire Sparkle is bound to as well as the location for Harriet and her Ethereal Gift.

1. Harriet goes next to the campfire where Sparkle is bound.

2. Blair Wisp is bound to the altar. Bind Whisperwind near the altar.

The Altar the Blair Wisp is bound to along with the binding location for Whisperwind.

Stonewall should be bound near the base of the tree.

3. Bind Stonewall near the base of the tree.

4. Location of the Darkling & Moonscream.

The Darkling is in the basement and Moonscream is there as well, bound to her grave.

Haunter Variations & Odd Glitches

To clear the fog from the island you should also be able to use Weatherwitch or Aether. However, we have found that sometimes the fog will clear and sometimes it won't. The only way we've found so far that always works is to use Whisperwind & Tempest. Also note that the video cut scenes for the basement sometimes run at the same time. This means you'll see more than one cut scene fighting with the other for the foreground. It passes just fine.

Freeing Sparkle

To free Sparkle, simply bind Harriet near the campfire and have her use Ethereal Gift. Then bind Firetail to the Gift and have him use Bonfire. After Sparkle is free, bench them. Once Sparkle is free, use Stonewall to knock down the tree. While that is happening, click the Darkling in the basement. When the tree is down, bench Stonewall.

Sparkle is bound to the campfire. Just light the fire to set Sparkle free.

Free the Blair Wisp

Bind Whisperwind on the island, preferably near the altar. Use Tempest. Once the fog is clear, bench Whisperwind and have the Blair Wisp use only Hypnotic Image. While the Blair Wisp is freed as soon as someone sees it, you have to be fast. The moment that Wisp is free, bind Fingers to the altar and use Unearthly Calm. If you have trouble clearing the fog, you may need to have Weatherwitch use Gusts. It seems to depend on how Ghost Master is feeling at the time.

On the island, the Blair Wisp is bound to the altar.

Freeing the Darkling

With the tree down, bind Blue Murder to the tree stump and have her use Obsession. Keep Fingers on the altar using only Unearthly Calrm. You must keep them calm or they cannot cross onto the island. Once the last person has crossed onto the island, have the Darkling use Obsession. This will draw them across the tree and right into the basement. If you haven't freed Moonscream, be on your toes. It's coming.

The Darkling is in the basement bound to the ritual book.

Freeing Moonscream

You only have a few seconds between when people begin entering the basement and the cut scene starting. You need to have Moonscream use Spooky Surprise and be seen by someone.

Moonscream is bound to her grave in the basement.

The Blair Wisp Project Wrap-Up

Once people are crossing the tree under Obsession from the Darkling, it's only a matter of time until the cut scene starts. There isn't really anything to stop them from reaching the basement and starting the ritual.

If you are on a revisit or you have not previously freed Moonscream, you'll have to be quick on your toes to catch the chance as people pass her grave after they have entered the basement.

And as long as the tree is down and people are calm, remember that all you need to do is lead people with Obsession and keep them calm with Unearthly Calm so that they can pass the island.

The Blair Wisp Project: Revisits

The walkthrough above should easily enable you to get the Triple Jack-O-Lantern Scare Rating. It may take practice to get the timing and speed right, but together it will do the trick.

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We hope that the walkthrough for The Blair Wisp Project has helped you, and we hope that you enjoy your time as a Ghost Master!