The Blair Wisp, Sparkle, Haunter Details

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There are two restless spirits to lay to rest in the Ghost Master assignment The Blair Wisp Project. Below you will find their details along with links to additional resources and the walkthrough for The Blair Wisp Project.

Haunter Powers - Purchase Cost By Level

Level 1 - 50
Level 2 - 75
Level 3 - 100
Level 4 - 250
Level 5 - 500

Level 6 - 750
Level 7 - 1000
Level 8 - 1500
Level 9 - 2000
Level 10 - 2500

Complete listing of haunter powers and purchase costs.

The Blair Wisp - Fetter: Electrical, Fire

Fluster *
Intrigue - Shattered Nerves
Strange Vision *
Hypnotic Image *

Complete listing of powers and purchase prices for The Blair Wisp.

Sparkle - Fetter: Electrical, Fire

Cut Lights *
Blow Fuse *
Strange Behaviour *

Human Torch - Sparkstorm
Inferno *
Great Balls of Fire - Surge

Complete listing of powers and purchase prices for Sparkle.

Blair Wisp, Sparkle: Additional Resources

Having troubles freeing the Blair Wisp or Sparkle? Check out these walkthroughs:

The Blair Wisp Project Walkthrough

The Blair Wisp Project Video Walkthrough

Check out our detailed walkthrough and video walkthrough for The Blair Wisp Project from Ghost Master featuring The Blair Wisp, and Sparkle.