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Ghostbreakers is an assignment that requires you to be very fast on your mouse.

In this Ghostbreakers Walkthrough we will free Windwalker and get a Triple Jack-O-Lantern Ghost Master Scare Rating.

Detailed walkthrough for the Ghost Master assignment Ghostbreakers.

Recommended Haunters:

Maxine Factor

List of recommended haunters for the Ghost Master assignment Ghostbreakers. Haunters include Cogjammer, Hogwash, Harriet, Tricia, Maxine Factor, Weatherwitch, Clatterclaws, and Buck.

Important Locations:

The first thing to look at in our walkthrough is the layout of Ghostbreakers, including the important locations.

Locations of the Blue and Green Wards, the Astral Alarum. Binding location for Harriet and the available mirrors for Tricia.

1. Binding location for Harriet, Mirrors for Tricia, Blue & Green Wards, Astral Alarm.

2. Red Ward & Power, Blue Ward & Power, ESD, Trapped Haunters.

In the basement you will find the Red Ward and Power, the Blue Ward and Power, along with the ESD and trapped haunters.

Freeing Windwalker

The only way to free Windwalker is to shut down the ESD. To do that, you need to get a Haunter into the room in the basement with the power for the Red Ward and the ESD. To do that... you need an Ethereal Gift and a good dose of manipulation.

Windwalker is trapped in a cell in the basement.

Start by taking out the Green Ward

We'll start the walkthrough by taking out the Green Ward. To do this all you need to do is bind Hogwash to the van out back and use Blackout.

A good second move is to bring in all of your Surge capable haunters. You want to bind one in the basement on the power supply to the Blue Ward.

Now you'll need plasm so try a Surge in the main room on the first floor. Don't leave any haunter's powers on for long or they could get busted.

Bind Tricia in a mirror on the first floor, set for only Etheral Gift. Stick Harriet outside to create another Ethereal Gift, and then bench her.

Bind a Surge haunter to each gift. At this point if you want to Surge out the Power Supply to the Blue Ward and the Green Ward this would be a good time.

Carefully watch your haunters that get gifts carried to the basement. The instant one gets inside the Red Ward, bind them to one of the electrical fetters in the room. Drop a Surge in here, and you'll free all the trapped ghosts.

Once the Blue Ward is down, Surge out the Astral Alarm on the first floor.

You can now finish the assignment by scaring everyone off. Surge all you can, keep your haunters on the move, and drop Dragoon outside. Blue Murder can set up a good ambush site in the basement with Obsession.

Remember, the Ghostbreakers can banish your haunters. A Ghost Master with no haunters isn't very useful. During the Ghostbreakers walkthrough hit the Ghostbreakers hard and fast, Surge really shakes them up and can save a haunter from banishment.

Ghostbreakers: Revisits

We were able to get a Triple Jack-O-Lantern Scare Rating the first time through by following the Ghostbreakers Walkthrough above. The only difference with a Revisit is that Blue Murder, Electrospasm, and Banzi will also be imprisioned in the cells, and therefore you will not be able to use them.

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We hope that this Ghostbreakers Walkthrough has helped you, and we hope that you enjoy your time as a Ghost Master!