Summoners Not Included Walkthrough

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This is an assignment that requires you to be very fast on your mouse. The recommended haunters will do fine.

In this walkthrough we will free Whisperwind, Moonscream, and Raindancer, along with earning a Triple Jack-O-Lantern Ghost Master Scare Rating.

Detailed walkthrough for the Ghost Master assignment Summoners Not Included.

Recommended Haunters:

Maxine Factor

List of recommended haunters for the Ghost Master assignment Summoners Not Included. List includes Maxine Factor, Boo, Stonewall, Aether, Weatherwitch.

Important Locations:

The first thing to look at in our walkthrough is the layout of Summoners Not Included, including the important locations.

The location of Raindancer, and Whisperwind. Also includes the binding locations for Stonewall, Aether, and Weatherwitch.

1. Location of Raindancer & Whisperwind, and where to bind Stonewall, Aether, and Weatherwitch.

2. Location of Moonscream and the book, in addition to where to bind Boo.

This is where you'll find Moonscream and the book. Here's where you'll need to bind Boo.

You must start with Raindancer

We start by binding Stonewall next to the outhouse. Then use his Tremor power. As soon as the bees' nest is gone, bench Stonewall.

Raindancer is bound to the toilet. The only way to free Raindancer is to have someone flush the toilet.

Next step is to free Whisperwind

The next step is to free Whisperwind. Bind Aether to the bicycle next to her. Use Aether's Shattering Song power. Then bench her once Whisperwind is free.

Whisperwind is bound to the Dreamcatcher. She can be freed by having Aether use Shattering Song in the hallway or by having Stonewall or Banzi use Quake.

Head straight for the entrance to the basement

Continue by binding Weatherwitch next to the basement entrance and using her Gusts power. Once the leaves are gone, use Siren Song only.

Head straight into the basement. Have Boo use Kinesis to move the book. Then bench him and Weatherwitch.

By this time the students should be looking for the key. They will head to the outhouse. Bind Maxine Factor to the moose head in the lodge and prepare her to use only Intrigue.

This is actually where you get to take a moment to breathe in our walkthrough, and rests don't come often in Ghost Master. The students will find the key, head downstairs, and start the ritual.

And now for Moonscream

Once the first cutscene with the Professor plays, wait until he is alone in the basement. You can have Moonscream use Spooky Surprise. This will both free her and scare the Professor.

Switch on Maxine Factor's Intrigue power. That will help attract the mortals that flee the basement, leaving you more room to deal with the Professor.

Moonscream is bound to her grave in the basement. She can only be freed by having a mortal see her restless spirit.

Summoners Not Included Wrap-Up

Terrorize the professor, but be careful of two things. Don't scare away anyone else and don't scare the Professor away before you free Raindancer.

Bench Maxine Factor the moment the mortals have been attracted to the inside of the cabin. Then head back to check on the Professor.

While you are scaring the Professor, someone will use the bathroom and set Raindancer free. You may have to ease off on the Professor. As soon as Raindancer is free, scare the Professor away.

As soon as the Professor is running away bench everyone! The assignment will complete via cut scenes, another rare moment of peace in Ghost Master.

Summoners Not Included: Revisits

When revisiting the Ghost Master assignment Summoners Not Included, you will need to have the Quake power. Then swap out Aether for a good indoor haunter.

Use the walkthrough above, but use the Quake power instead of Tremor. This will free Whisperwind, knock down the bees' nest, and blast open the basement - all in one shot!

Remember to free Raindancer and Moonscream as previously outlined in the walkthrough.

Summoners Not Included: Additional Resources

Summoners Not Included Video Walkthrough

Moonscream, Raindancer, Whisperwind, Haunter Details

We hope that this Summoners Not Included Walkthrough has helped you, and we hope that you enjoy your time as a Ghost Master!