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Welcome to our Video Walkthrough for The Blair Wisp Project from Ghost Master. Below the video you'll find additional information and tips, as well as links to our original walkthrough.

Detailed video walkthrough for the Ghost Master assignment The Blair Wisp Project.

The Blair Wisp Project Video Walkthrough Summary

This assignment is another one where timing makes all the difference. Knowing where the shortcut is located is also key. But it's easy as long as you remember a few points:

1. Sparkle can and should be freed right away.
2. This Tree has to go.
3. They must see The Blair Wisp and cross the island after you clear the fog.

Free sparkle by lighting the campfire where he is bound.

Take down the tree to provide the mortals a way across the canyon.

Clear the fog on the island so that the mortals can cross the island and see the Blair Wisp.

As long as you can get them to cross the river and reach the cabin, this assignment is incredibly simple. But the timing, is a little interesting.

Here is the link to the original walkthrough and a link to The Blair Wisp and Sparkle in the Ghost Guide:

The Blair Wisp Project Walkthrough

The Blair Wisp, Sparkle, Haunter Details

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