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Many Ghost Masters have trouble with this assignment, but it's actually fairly easy once you know how to do it. This can be a tricky assignment: read the whole thing first!

This Calamityville Horror Walkthrough will take you through the entire assignment as well as revisits.

Detailed walkthrough for the Calamityville Horror assignment in Ghost Master.

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Detailed walkthrough for the Calamityville Horror assignment in Ghost Master.

Important Locations:

The first thing to look at in our walkthrough is the layout of Calamityville Horror, including the important locations.

This shows you where to find Arclight and where you'll need to bind Stonewall.

1. Location of Arclight and binding position for Stonewall.

2. Location of Static and second binding position for Stonewall.

This is where Static is stuck in the chimney and where you will bind Stonewall.

The location Static will be in after using Tremor or Quake. Also shows the location for Boo and the results of his Kinesis power.

3. Location of Static after Tremor or Quake and location after Kinesis.

4. Location of Maxine Factor

The location of Maxine Factor, who is bound to a makeup box in a boarded up room.

Arclight is the first haunter to start freeing

We'll start by going straight to the basement. Arclight can be found in the bottom left corner. Bind Stonewall near the wall, concealing Arclight.

Have him use his Tremor power to break a hole in the wall. Then get Boo to use Rattle Chains that room. When someone investigates and pokes their head through the hole, he possesses them and is freed.

Arclight is bound to his corpse in the basement, sealed away in an old alcove.

Static is the next one you need to start freeing

Continue by going to the roof. You'll find Static stuck in the chimney. Bind Stonewall to the plant next to the chimney. His tremor power will free Static before too long.

Later you will need to use Boo's Kinesis power in the living room on the main floor. That will shake his bones free and scatter them on the floor, freeing him.

Static is bound to his corpse stuck in the top of the Chimney, next to the damaged TV antenna.

Now you need to start freeing Maxine Factor

The next step is the hardest. Maxine Factor is on the top floor in a sealed room. Have her use her Intrigue power, and only her intrigue power. This will draw someone up to the room.

She can only be freed by having a woman check out that makeup box. Set Boo to Pick On - Females and have Boo and Whirlweird use their Fool's Errand Powers.

Maxine Factor is bound to the makeup box on the table in the boarded up room on the top floor of the house.

The Hard Part

Ideally you should have the mortals discover two of the bodies and free all three spirits before the police ring the bell. The police find Arclight and Static on the main floor the fastest.

If not, you may have to stop the police from discovering the second body until all three restless spirits are free.

Calamityville Horror: Revisits

When revisiting this assignment, get the Quake power for Stonewall. It opens the wall to Arclight, the door to Maxine Factor, and knocks Static down to the living room. Boo's Kinesis is still required. Try that and follow the suggestions in our walkthrough above.

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We hope that this Calamityville Horror Walkthrough has helped you, and we hope that you enjoy your time as a Ghost Master!