The Unusual Suspects Walkthrough

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This assignment is tricky, and with the stair glitches, it's really hard to get it done fast. This is a tricky assignment, so read the whole thing first!

This walkthrough will take you through the entire assignment and revisits.

Detailed walkthrough for Ghost Master assignment The Unusual Suspects.

Recommended Haunters:


List of Recommended Haunters for the Ghost Master assignment The Unusual Suspects. Haunters include Cogjammer, Clatterclaws, Stonewall, Firetail, Raindancer, and Terroreyes.

Haunter Variations

We found that Terroreyes with his Fascinate Power was the easiest way to get Detective Norman to go and check out the money. You can also use Maxine Factor, or have Boo or Quiver use Fool's Errand.

Important Locations:

The first thing to look at in our walkthrough is the layout of the assignment, including the important locations.

The location of Banzai and the binding position for Stonewall that will free Banzai.

1. Location of Banzai & binding position for Stonewall

2. Locations for Electroplasm, & Blue Murder. Binding locations for Raindancer & Terroreyes

The location of Banzai and the binding position for Stonewall that will free Banzai.

Severe Game Glitches

The stairs to the basement are glitchy. Completing the assignment in a timely fashion (or at all) may well hinge on avoiding the stair glitches. There is a nice electrical fetter at the bottom of these stairs, but that can cause massive permanent traffic jams. People also jam trying to get into the basement.

Free Banzai first

We'll start by freeing Banzai. Simply bind Stonewall to the banzai plant in the lobby. He will be benched almost instantly, freeing Banzai at the same time.

Banzai is bound to the plant in the reception area. Simply bind Stonewall to the plant to free him.

Then start freeing Blue Murder

Continue by going to the evidence room in the basement. Scare off the guard, Andrew Haid. Also give Detective Norman a bit of a scare.

When Haid is gone, have Terroreyes use Fascinate to get Norman to the money. After he steals some, use Blue Murder's Obsession. She'll get rid of him for you and be free.

The morgue in the basement is where you will find Blue Murder, bound to her corpse.

Electrospasm is next

The next step is to free Electrospasm. Simply bind Raindancer to the sink and use Flood. Then during the flood, use Electroplasm's Spark power. He'll be free.

Setting Electrospasm free is rather easy, assuming you have enough Plasm and Raindancer.

The Unusual Suspects Wrap-Up

We wrap up our walkthrough with the following:

The prisoners are freed by either a spark or surge in the hallways outside their cells. A Quake will also do the trick, but will destroy most of the electrical Fetters.

Once Blue Murder is free, scare the place empty as fast as you can. You'll need your best haunters.

The Unusual Suspects: Revisits

Providing you avoid the glitches, you should be able to get a Triple Jack-O-Lantern Scare Rating by following the above walkthrough.

The Unusual Suspects: Additional Resources

Banzai, Blue Murder, Electrospasm, Haunter Details

We hope that this walkthrough for The Unusual Suspects has helped you, and we hope that you enjoy your time as a Ghost Master!