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The Poultrygeist assignment is a lot of fun when you know the tricks. This ia a tricky assignment, so read the whole thing first!

This walkthrough will take you through the entire assignment as well as revisits. If you did not free all of the haunters in Calamityville Horror, you should see the Revisits section towards the bottom of the page.

Detailed walkthrough for the Poultrygeist assignment from Ghost Master.

Recommended Haunters:

Blue Murder

List of haunters recommended for the Ghost Master assignment Poultrygeist. Haunters include Cogjammer, Hogwash, Clatterclaws, Buck, Firetail, and Blue Murder.

Important Locations:

There are two main areas where most of this assignment can be contained. The main floor staircase and hall, along with the living room, make up the first area. The second floor hall and staircase make up the second area. You should be able to keep most of the action focused in these two areas.

The main hallway makes a good ambush site, and has the phone. Do not let people use the phone or they will call for help.

1 Main floor hallway, living room, & staircase.

2. Second floor hallway and staircase.

The hallway on the second floor also makes a good place for ambushes.

Free Poultrygeist

Assuming you freed all the haunters in Calamityville Horror, this assignment is extremely easy. Poultrygeist is bound to the little girl. To free him, simply scare off everyone in the house. Once the little girl is the only one left, Poultrygeist will be freed.

There's only one spirit to free in the Poultrygeist assignment. To free this spirit, all mortals must either be scared off or driven insane.

Don't let them call for help!

In the hallway on the main floor near the door is a phone. Don't let anyone complete a phone call. If one of the residents completes a call you will have a medium show up. Later, once the Ghostbreaker arrives, he may also try to use the phone to call for help. Use everything you've got to scare people away from this phone.

Don't let anyone use the phone to call for help.

Use Blue Murder's Obsession Power

Bind Blue Murder to the tea set in the living room and have her use Obsession. This will keep drawing mortals back into the living room and front hall, which are the best ambush spots in the house. You can also set up an electrical haunter in the next room or the kitchen to have the first floor well trapped.

The living room makes a good ambush spot. Bind Blue Murder to the tea set and have her use her Obsession power to keep luring the mortals back into the trap.

When the Ghostbreaker arrives

When the Ghostbreaker arrives you have to get rid of him as fast as you can. Don't stop scaring him. Throw everything at him as fast as you can. Once you scare him off, your assignment is complete.

Once all mortals are either scared off or driven insane, a Ghostbreaker will arrive. Scare him off as fast as you can.

Poultrygeist Walkthrough Warp-Up

Don't forget that Poultrygeist is able to use his powers while still bound to the little girl. His powers are quite good at scaring people. As an edge you might want to put an electrical haunter in the kitchen. Use Buck to chase anyone that flees outside.

The best part is that they will keep trying to use the phone until you scare them right off the map. While this does pose some risk, it tells you exactly where to lay the best traps.

Poultrygeist Walkthrough - Revisits

For a revisit the assignment gets a little trickier as you'll need to free all of the restless spirits from Calamityville Horror, including Hard Boiled. Check out the Calamityville Horror walkthrough here:

Calamityville Horror Walkthrough - Ghost Master

Use the team above, but swap out Buck for either Banzai or Stonewall. You must have Quake.

The revisit plays like Calamityville Horror, except that you don't have to show the corpses to the police. That and you can scare everyone off once you have freed Static, Arclight, and Maxine Factor.

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We hope that this Poultrygeist Walkthrough has helped you, and we hope that you enjoy your time as a Ghost Master!