Facepacks & Broomsticks Walkthrough

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This one is fun, but you need to move fast. This can be a tricky assignment, so read the whole thing first!

This Facepacks & Broomsticks Walkthrough will take you through the entire assignment and revisits.

Detailed walkthrough for the Ghost Master assignment Facepacks & Broomsticks.

Recommended Haunters:


The recommended haunter team for Facepacks & Broomsticks. The team includes Cogjammer, Clatterclaws, Boo, Wendel, Raindancer, and Shivers.

Important Locations:

The first thing to look at in our walkthrough is the layout of Facepacks & Broomsticks, including the important locations.

Firetail is bound to the witches' circle in the basement. Bind Raindancer to the water element of the circle and use Rain.

1. Location of Firetail & binding position for Raindancer

2. Location of Weatherwitch & binding position for Cogjammer, and location of Hogwash

Weatherwitch is bound to the vacuum cleaner. Weatherwitch can be freed by binding Cogjammer to the radio and then using his Wild & Crazy power. Hogwash is bound to the Jack-O-Lantern.

Tricia is bound inside the mirror in the bathroom upstairs.

3. Location of Tricia

4. The Witches

When you first start the assignment, the witches are in the basement leaving their circle.

Free Firetail first

We'll start by freeing Firetail and eliminating the Witches' protection.

Bind Raindancer to the water element of the circle and have her use Rain. Bench her as soon as the circle broken cut scene is over.

Firetail is easily set free by binding Raindancer to the circle and using her Rain power.

Hogwash is next on the list

The next step is to start freeing Hogwash. You need to get the dude with the headphones in here with Hogwash.

Scaring him out of the house works well. And having Tricia use an Etheral Gift is also good. Boo's or Quiver's Fool's Errand may help too.

Hogwash is bound to the Jack-O-Lantern and is set free by having an electrical item or Ethereal Gift pass by him.

And now for Tricia

Find the girl with the same hair as Tricia and make sure the bathroom is empty. The girl you are looking for is named Blair.

Use Fool's Errand to send her up to Tricia. Make sure Tricia's powers are off. She'll Clone the girl when she looks in the mirror.

Tricia is trapped in the mirror in the upstairs bathroom. Have Blair look in the mirror and Tricia will be free.

Facepacks & Broomsticks Wrap-Up

Let's wrap up our Facepacks & Broomsticks Walkthrough. You need to use hit & run tactics on the witches at first. Then you can leave your haunters more stationary. As soon as you have freed Firetail & Weatherwitch, you can start scaring the witches.

To clear Facepacks & Broomsticks in good time, set a trap in the living room and clear the top floor. Be careful not to scare away the girl that will free Tricia until after she has been freed!

Facepacks & Broomsticks: Revisits

You should be able to get a Triple Jack-O-Lantern Ghost Master Scare Rating by following the steps outlined in our Facepacks & Broomsticks Walkthrough. Make sure you have upgraded your haunters, and move fast.

Facepacks & Broomsticks Walkthrough: Additional Resources

Facepacks & Broomsticks Video Walkthrough

Firetail, Hogwash, Tricia, Haunter Details

We hope that this Facepacks & Broomsticks Walkthrough has helped you, and we hope that you enjoy your time as a Ghost Master!