Phantom Of The Operating Room Walkthrough

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Many Ghost Masters have trouble with this assignment, but it's actually fairly easy once you know how to do it. This is a tricky assignment, so read the whole thing first!

This Phantom Of The Operating Room Walkthrough will take you through the entire assignment as well as revisits.

Detailed walkthrough for the Ghost Master assignment Phantom of the Operating Room.

Recommended Haunters:

Blue Murder

List of recommended haunters for the Ghost Master assignment Phantom of the Operating Room. Haunters include Cogjammer, Hogwash, Clatterclaws, Buck, Boo, Firetail, Blue Murder, and Moonscream.

Important Locations

The first thing to look at in our walkthrough is the layout of Phantom Of The Operating Room, including the important locations.

Harriet is bound to the crying kid and Daydreamer is sound asleep on the stretcher. Harriet can create an Ethereal Gift to which Blue Murder can be bound.

1. Location of Harriet & Daydreamer, binding location for Harriet. Look closely and you can see the pop machine ambush location too.

2. Location of Brigit, Blue Murder binds to the stretcher next to her.

Brigit is in the basement, bound to her corpse. Blue Murder can be bound to the stretcher next to her.

Free haunter Harriet first

Harriet is stuck to a crying kid. The problem is that another kid stole a bunny toy. To free Harriet, simply scare off the thief and have someone bring back the toy.

If you're in a jam, you can have Harriet use Ethereal Gift and then Blue Murder can use Obsession to bring back the toy carrier.

To free Harriet, you need to get the kid's toy back.

Free haunter Brigit next

Set her to pick on Seth and set her power to Spooky Surprise.

After that, scare Seth a good amount, and scare off a whole bunch of people. It's the least frustating and most productive way to do it. He'll go down, she'll curse him, then she will be free and he will run away. Note: scaring off all the female staff will help get him down here.

Brigit is a rather annoying one to free. You need to get Seth down here and have her scare him.

It's Daydreamer's turn

To free Daydreamer, simply bind Moonscream in the hall right outside his door. Use her Cacophony Power, and he'll wake up and be free.

Daydreamer will sleep through pretty much anything. If you have Moonscream, use Cacophony in the hall outside the room he is sleeping in and that will wake him up and free him.

The Hard Part

As soon as you scare off one person, three Ghostbreakers arrive to make your life miserable. They enter on the second floor via the central staircase. A good trick is to use a Surge set to target opponents. Set the trap on the pop machine just across from the door.

Once you get a bit of a scare into the Ghostbreakers they are pretty easy to take care of, but watch your haunters and run a hit-and-run campaign until they are really scared. Otherwise they may well bite back and banish a haunter or two.

A note about Brigit and Seth: If you scare off all the female staff, Seth will be far more likely to visit Brigit.

Also note that you only have to scare off the Doctors to win the assignment. However, by the time you have scared off the female staff and the Doctors, you've most likely emptied the building anyway.

Phantom Of The Operating Room: Revisits

You should be able to get a Triple Jack-O-Lantern Scare Rating by following the above Phantom Of The Operating Room walkthrough.

Phantom Of The Operating Room: Additional Resources

Brigit, Daydreamer, Harriet, Haunter Details

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