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In this assignment you have three restless spirits to lay to rest. Wendel, Lucky, and Terroreyes are all stuck in limbo. Freeing Wendel is the easiest, Terroreyes is a snap, but many Ghost Masters find freeing Lucky can be a bit more of a challenge.

This walkthrough will take you through from beginning to end, freeing Lucky, Wendel, & Terroreyes along the way.

In-depth walkthough for the assignment Weird Seance from Ghost Master.

Recommended Haunters:


Recommended list of haunters for the Ghost Master Assignment Weird Seance. Haunters include Boo, Clatterclaws, Stonewall, Aether, Stonewall, and Shivers.

Important Locations:

Move fast through the Weird Seance walkthrough as your Ghost Master scare rating is time sensitive. And your Ghost Master scare rating affects your gold plasm.

1. The basement is where we will be starting the walkthrough. Find the room with the Weird Seance after which this assignment is named. Here we will find all the starting plasm we need.

2. The second screenshot shows Wendel on the top floor. Take note also of the hallway with the stairwell. We will be visiting the hallway in our walkthrough too.

3. Screenshot 3 shows the main floor. This is where we will spend most of our time. Lucky and Terroreyes are here. This will be the main scaring zone once Lucky is free.

In the basement three oddballs are holding a seance. You can start by scaring them with Boo. Then scare the other people in the basement without causing too much trouble. Otherwise no one will play pinball and Lucky won't ever be set free!

On the top floor of the frat house is where we find Wendel. You can use his Laughter power to wake up the frat leader. Then place Clatterclaws at the top of the stairs.

On the main floor is where we find Lucky and Terroreyes. This is where most of the action will likely happen in this assignment.

Your first move will be in the basement

The seance for which this assignment is named is being conducted in the basement. This is where you need to strike first. Drop in Boo with Kinesis, and Clatterclaws with Swarm Strike. (Legion on Revisit!)

Until Lucky is free you will want to avoid causing trouble on the main floor. Boo should only use Kinesis. Otherwise he could distract a pinball player!

Start off by having Boo scare the guys conducting the seance in the basement. Scaring people down here is not likely to cause too much trouble on the main floor while you are trying to free Lucky.

Wake the Frat Leader & set a Clatterclaws Ambush

Bind Clatterclaws in the hallway on the second floor near the top of the stairs. This will take care of wanderers. You should leave Boo in the basement.

Then have Wendel use his Laughter power until the Frat Leader gets up. This only takes a second or two. Then shut off his powers!

By having Wendel use laughter you can wake the frat leader. Having Clatterclaws ambush people at the top of the stairs helps take care of those that wander.

Freeing Lucky

The next step is to free Lucky. Someone must win at pinball in order to free him. He is in the largest room on the main floor. Many people find this the hardest part of Weird Seance.

Have Lucky use only his Luckstorm power. Then when someone starts playing, have him charm them for extra luck! Don't scare them while they play!

Lucky is bound to the pinball machine. The only way to free him is to have someone win a game, which is slightly easier if you have Lucky use Luckstorm and Charm.

Setting Terroreyes free

Next we free Terroreyes. Use Aether outside the window with Shattering Song.

As soon as Terroreyes is free, then you can bench Aether. Another option is to swap Aether for another spirt as long as Stonewall has Quake.

Terroreyes is bound to a jar. There are two main ways to break it. He can use his Intrigue power and perhaps someone will play with his jar and drop it. The second option is to have Aether use her Shattering Song power. This always works on the first try.

Wendel's Freedom

The last restless spirit to free is Wendel. All you have to do is scare off the Frat Leader.

Freeing Wendel is quite simple. Scare the Frat Leader away.

Weird Seance Wrap-Up

The moment Lucky is free, hit the mortals with everything you've got. Keep an eye on the top floor and basement for wanderers.

Weird Seance: Revisits

For a later revisit of this assignment, add Legion for Clatterclaws, Surge for Cogjammer and Quake for Stonewall. Swap Aether for Cogjammer. Follow the Weird Seance Walkthrough above, using Stonewall's Quake in place of Aether's Shattering Song, taking Cogjammer instead of Aether.

With these adjustments our Weird Seance Walkthrough should get you aTriple Jack-O-Lantern Ghost Master scare rating.

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We hope that this Weird Seance Walkthrough has helped you, and we hope that you enjoy your time as a Ghost Master!